Learn & Engage

Learn & Engage A Place of Learning & Education The Burren is not a barren and boring museum of stones, monuments and scientific curiosities. Quite the contrary, it is a living place teeming with nature’s bounty: ordinary and exotic rocks, plants, animals, insects and birds.

Promoting Learning

it is our commitment to promote the Geopark as a destination that supports popular and specialist learning by:

  • Creating a network of outdoor classrooms and programmes that promote engaged learning
  • Sharing geological knowledge in a compelling way – knowledge about the forces that shape our world, knowledge that increases our understanding of our landscape and culture and helps us to adapt better changes in our environment
  • Assisting formal and informal educators operating in the region
  • Developing an ‘archive at your fingertips’ by building links with universities, research centres and Geoparks throughout the world to gather data, which has not been readily available to the public
  • Introducing new ideas and new thinking to help us sustain and enrich our livelihoods


Archive at your fingertips:

Follow this link to an archive  of materials on the geology, archaeology and ecology of the Burren


Links to our learning programs and initiatives:

The Story of the Burren Geology of the BurrenGeology Courses Education InitiativesClimate Button