What is GEOfood

Connecting People with Place and Food

A Brand for Local Food within UNESCO Global Geoparks
GEOfood is a global brand that promotes food that is sourced and produced in UNESCO Global Geoparks. GEOfood emphasises the connections between local food and the food traditions and geological heritage of the region where the food is produced. It is a brand that focuses on strengthening local livelihoods by connecting local food producers, restaurants, and retailers to each other. GEOfood increases opportunities for local people and visitors to savour and appreciate quality local food.

GEOfood supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals; in particular the SDG’s

GEOfood emphasises the connection between local food and local geology, promotes sustainable food production, protects biodiversity, encourages responsible use of water and waste recycling, seasonality, reduced food miles, increased local economic impacts and workers rights.

The GEOfood initiative was led by Magma UNESCO Global Geopark in Norway since 2013 and has grown to include partners in UNESCO Global Geoparks throughout the world, including Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark. The GEOfood brand is now managed by GEOfood International, a new private non-profit share company and the story of GEOfood and the global food partners is on www.GEOfood.no

GEOfood World Map

Only a UNESCO recognised Geopark can use the GEOfood brand. The brand rules are that the raw materials of a GEOfood product comes from within or adjoining a UNESCO Global Geopark and that the story of the connection between the food and it’s geological and cultural heritage is promoted on labels, menus, websites and social media.

With a rich culture of food production that dates back for thousands of years, and a unique geological landscape that sustains a wide array of biodiversity, the Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark is a perfect fit for GEOfood. From ‘winterage’ beef to foraged haw ketchup to farm ice-cream to hand-harvested smoked oysters, the diversity of food and production methods for food in our Geopark is vast. Every product has its own story to tell and that is just what we aim to do.

The Burren and Cliffs of Moher UNESCO Global Geopark became a member of the international GEOfood network in 2021. We are very proud to support and promote the sustainable development and appreciation of a great and ancient food tradition rooted in geology. We have been collecting a wide array of food stories throughout the Geopark and we are establishing GEOfood as a core part of our food offering. Watch this space for our ongoing work on this movement.

Are you interested in becoming a GEOfood producer?

If you produce a food product with raw materials that come from the Geopark and are interested in becoming a GEOfood producer, please fill in the details in the form below.

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Please note: Having raw materials that come from the geopark is just one part of the criteria to become a GEOfood producer. Once you have submitted the above form, we will get in touch with you to discuss your eligibility.