The Code of Practice Principles

The Code comprises 6 core principles.  Each principle is broken down into a number of performance measures i.e. actions that you can take in order to implement this principle in your business.   While you are not required to implement all performance measures from the outset, you are encouraged to work towards them all over time.   The Code contains a number of Essential Measures which all operators must implement as evidence of a minimum level of engagement with the Code.   These Essential Measures are highlighted in blue throughout the system.

Click on each Code Principle below to get an overview of what’s involved and to access helpful resources:

Principle 1 - Working Together
Principle 2 - A Cared-for Landscape
Principle 3 - A Well-Understood Heritage
Principle 4 - Vibrant Communities
Principle 5 - Strengthened Livelihoods
Principle 6a - Sustainable Environmental Management (Policy & Planning)
Principle 6b - Sustainable Environmental Management (Use of Resources)