Launching four new trails during Heritage Week


This Heritage Week, (19th-27th August) will see the launch of four additional heritage trails to the existing Geopark Heritage Trail series. The new trails at Fanore, Doolin, Kilinaboy and Carron will bring the total number of Heritage Trails in the Geopark to nine.

The new trails have been designed to celebrate the cultural and built heritage of the communities and will be launched by Geopark Geologist Dr. Eamon Doyle with local heritage experts.

A trailhead map is the start point for each of the self-guided trails. The map illustrates the walk and the sights to see on the way while small footprint signs along the route ensure you are on the right path.

Guided walks for Heritage Week: 

Fanore, 22nd August 2.00pm

Patsy Carrucan of Fanore will tell his stories of the heritage of Fanore on a walk from Craggah to Fanore Beach.

Meeting point: Outside O’Donohues pub, Craggah, Fanore


Cusack to Cahercommaun, 24 August, 11am.

Agnes O’Loughlin of the Michael Cusack Centre will guide a walk to the ancient stone fort of Cahercommaun along the Cusack – Cahercommaun Geopark Heritage Trail .

Meeting Point: Michael Cusack’s Centre, Carran


Killinaboy, 24 August, 7:30pm

Join Frank O’Grady and explore the fascinating history of the village of Kilnaboy along the Kilnaboy Geopark Heritage Trail.

Meeting Point: Old Killinaboy church


Doolin, 26 August, 10:30am

The Intriguing story of the history of Doolin as told by archaeologist Joe McCooey in a walk along the Doolin Geopark Heritage Trail.

Meeting Point : Russell Community Centre, Doolin

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