Code of Practice Case Study: Hotel Doolin: Glas Restaurant’s 30-mile-menu



Hotel Doolin stands out as an excellent example for the implementation of the Geopark Code Of Practice for Sustainable Tourism Principle on  Strengthened Livelihoods.

Located on the picturesque west side of the Geopark, Hotel Doolin is a distinguished establishment in the charming village of Doolin. The hotel is celebrated for its inviting accommodations, varied dining options, and lively cultural and live music events. They became Ireland’s first carbon neutral hotel in 2019 and lead the way in sustainability with initiatives like planting 10 trees per wedding, rain harvesting, upcycling, and offering organic soaps in every room.

A particularly noteworthy sustainable initiative is the “30-mile menu” they have in place at Glas Restaurant. “Every ingredient featured on the menu is foraged, reared, caught, grown, or produced in County Clare not more than 30 miles ‘as the crow flies’ from the hotel”. The 30-mile menu not only strengthens local livelihoods, but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with the sourcing of ingredients. This dedication to locally sourced dining reflects Hotel Doolin’s holistic approach to sustainable hospitality.

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