GeoparkLIFE Seminar 2015

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GeoparkLIFE Mid-Term Seminar

Held on 19th November 2015 and reported on the outcomes and progress achieved to date and looked forward to future actions.

Seminar presentations:

Balancing Tourism and Conservation—Introducing and updating GeoparkLIFE

Carol Gleeson, Manager Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark


Developing sustainable ethos and practices among tourism businesses

Tina O’Dwyer, GeoparkLIFE Sustainable Tourism Co-ordinator showcasing a number of good practice case studies of several businesses


Developing integrated management practices at popular heritage sites

Zena Hoctor, GeoparkLIFE Visitor Management Co-ordinator


Enabling communities to lead and participate in active conservation

Joanne Gaffery, GeoparkLIFE Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Frank O’Grady, Killinaboy Historical and Heritage Group, Bill Glynn Ballyvaughan Development Group and Janet Cavanagh, Burren Ecotourism Network


Assessment of current tourism and conservation policy

Prof Gabriel Cooney, UCD.


Concluding remarks

Gerard Dollar, Director of Services, Clare County Council