About Ballyvaughan

ballyvaughan and area for North Clare Towns & VillagesBallyvaughan (Irish: Baile Uí Bheacháin, meaning ‘Town of the Beacháin (Behan) family or Townland of the Mushrooms’) is a small harbour village in County Clare in Ireland. It is located on the south shores of Galway Bay, in the northwest corner of The Burren, an area of great rocky expanse, considered by many to be a unique landscape.

Ballyvaughan is a busy village with many pubs, restaurants, shops, B&Bs and other amenities including the new pier and slipway, constructed in 2006, which has opened up the area to boating, fishing, scuba diving and other sea activities. Ballyvaughan is also home to the Burren College of Art.



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