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Meet the Geopark Team

The Geopark team are supported by and report to a Steering & Advisory Committee comprising representatives of all the groups who have an interest and a stake in protecting the Burren Region. Our partners



Carol Gleeson, Manager Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark

Carol Gleeson,
Manager, The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark

Carol Gleeson drives all aspects of the Geopark programme and lead the multi-stakeholder GeoparkLIFE tourism for conservation project. She develops strategic vision, initiates projects, secures funding, liaises with funding agencies, partners and stakeholders, manages the operations and co-ordination of the programmes, and represents the Geopark and GeoparkLIFE programmes on the European Geoparks Network and the EU LIFE UK and Ireland National Platform



Eamon Doyle, Geopark Geologist

Eamon Doyle,
Geopark Geologist

Eamon’s role has a strong education focus which see him developing, managing and implementing a research, education and archive programme in association with international and local educational organisations, involving liaison with universities, support for the Caherconnell Geology Field School, the creation of research programmes for the Young Scientist Exhibition, and providing training/educational programmes and field trips.

Eamon develops the Geopark’s Heritage trails programme which highlights the geology and heritage of the towns and villages of the Geopark as well as the interpretive panels at the Geosites. He liaises with the Geological Survey of Ireland and co-ordinates the research required for the Geological Survey’s input into the GeoparkLIFE project. Eamon also organizes the Burren Rocks festival.


Laura Cotter, Communications Co-

Laura Cotter,
Communications Coordinator, Atlantic Geoparks Project

Laura is responsible for the communication of the Atlantic Geoparks project. The Atlantic Geoparks Project aims to promote and disseminate the geological and cultural heritage within the Atlantic Area as a basis for an economic development. The 30 month project which begun in July 2017 and aims to forge new tourism links along a defined Atlantic route through highlighting the common interests and heritage of the destinations along the route.

Laura previously worked on the GeoparkLIFE Tourism for Conservation project. where she was responsible for communications between the GeoparkLIFE team, the partner agencies and local stakeholders along with communicating the GeoparkLIFE project activities and outcomes to local, national and international stakeholders and visitors, raising the project’s profile at visitor centres & information points, in publications and on signage.


Tina O’Dwyer, Sustainable Tourism Co-ordinator

Tina O’Dwyer,
Sustainable Tourism Coordinator

Tina’s focus is on the tourism agenda of the GeoparkLIFE programme and works on facilitating the implementation and assessment of the Geopark Code of Practice for tourism businesses. She coordinates and monitors the comprehensive training programme that facilitates participants to meet the Geopark Code of Practice.

Tina assists with the networking, packaging, marketing & promotion of tourism businesses who meet the Geopark Code of Practice and assists with the recruitment to the Burren Ecotourism Network, including communicating the case for network membership and 3rd party certification. Tina also coordinates the award-winning Burren Food Trail.



Zena Hoctor, Visitor Management Co-ordinator

Zena Hoctor,
Visitor Management Coordinator

Zena’s focus is the conservation agenda of the GeoparkLIFE tourism for conservation programme.  Zena is evaluating visitor impacts on 7 key demonstration sites in the Geopark and is developing, in collaboration with relevant site management organisations, a schedule of works for mitigation measures at each site along with a future monitoring and management plan for


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